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Wed Aug 4 06:29:51 MDT 1999

marxism at writes:
>Altogether, however, if the SWP’s downplaying of the plight of the
>Kosovan Albanians was an opportunist blunder, the AWL’s refusal to
>consider the imperialist onslaught upon Yugoslavia as the primary focus
>of its activities, and its reluctance unequivocally to oppose Nato’s
>war, constituted a serious concession to the pro-war brigade.
I would consider this as a good position. The same holds for Iraq in no
way can the blocade be deemed progressive. Millions of children are the
victims. It does not help the Marsh Arabs or the Kurds. The same is
happening with Serbia. What NATO is doing is accentuating a "Carnival of
Reaction" to use Connollys words. Some must hold out the hope even if just
a slogan of a "United Socialist staes of the Balkans where each ethnic
group will have its rights respected.This has to be counterposed to all
the Great" Serbia, Croatia,Greece, Romania, Bulgaria,Hungary etc dreams
that are only encouraged by the cynical intervention of NATO.
Jim Monaghan

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