The 'New Right', Neofascism And Globalization

Paul Flewers paul.flewers at
Thu Aug 5 22:38:59 MDT 1999

David Welch wrote: < I didn't see anything 'pro-corporate' (meaning
pro-capitalist I assume) in Against Nature. It would hardly be possible
to criticise environmentalism without criticising capitalism given the
penetration of green ideas into the British ruling class, as the
subsequent furore in the Guardian demonstrates. I have always considered
it an impressive aspect of marxism that it critiques capitalism without
opposing the development of the productive forces, the breakup of
ideologies like racism and sexism, etc. >

The problem with Against Nature and the recent stuff put out by the
defunct Revolutionary Communist Party (which I used to support in
happier days) was not its critique of Greenery, which was by and large
quite good, but its utter inability to pose a positive alternative
except for some kind of undifferentiated 'progress', which, if a
working-class, that is socialist, alternative is not given, can appear
like a clarion call for capitalism to have full sway. Nowhere did either
side in the debate on Against Nature -- neither the Greens nor the
ex-RCP -- talk about the problem of industrialisation under capitalism.
I don't remember the words 'production for profit' being said. Had the
Greens said that, the ex-RCPers would have been put on the spot! But the
Greens' position was as classless as the ex-RCP.

Paul F

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