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The following is an account from a newspaper in Moscow on Dzugashvili's Tour.
 Attached to the email is a picture, which appeared with the article.  It is
of Dzugashvili signing autographs on the tour.  The man behind him with his
hand on Dzugashvili's shoulder is Victor Anpilov, the leader of the CPSU

In Socialist Unity,
C.J. Atkins
>From Newspaper

Not A Step Back!

In time for the forthcoming elections a new party is gaining momentum it
is called "CPSU, Lenin-Stalin". The leader of this party is Victor
Anpilov of "Trudovaya Rossia" movement and below we publish excerpts
from their 'March for USSR" which took place this spring across Russia.

The people from the Tula, Voronezh, Rostov region and Krasnodar region
warmly welcomed the marchers and their column which included groups from
Trudovaya Rossia, Union of Officers and the Stalin Bloc. And all the
cities and towns visited by the marching columns adopted statements
against Yeltsin's regime, which in nine months managed to bring the
country into crisis 3 times, and also criticized members of the Duma who
voted for the diktat of Yeltsin and also criticized those that abstained
from voting against the policies of the present regime.

Meetings took place in each locality under red flags, portraits of Lenin
and Stalin and demanded elimination of all posts of presidents and
governors and for the resurrection of the Soviet Union. At each meeting,
Victor Anpilov and Yevgeny Dzugashvili,the grandson of Stalin, and
representatives of the Union of Soviet Officers, presented a detailed program
of the CPSU, Lenin-Stalin bloc to the people.

On May 16, after going through the Krasnodon region, the marchers were
stopped by the militia at the border of the Stavropol region. The
columns under Anpilov, Dzhugashvili and Terekhov staged a sit-down
strike on the main highway. People from the surrounding villages joined
this demonstration of solidarity, which forced the authorities to let
the marching columns pass through. They were held up for many hours
until the authorities had orders to let them through. Victor Anpilov
told the people that this was another attempt by Yeltsin and Stepashin
to block the march and to see if the people will support the
Lenin-Stalin bloc.

At many crossing points from one region to another the marchers were
joined by people. Even border guards and army garrisons joined in and
welcomed the whole group of marchers to sit down and have lunch from the
army canteens.

The March for the USSR is an attempt to bring the message to all the
Soviet people that now is the time to state in unison…Not A Step Back!

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