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>Response (Jim C)
>Right now in Blackfoot Country (Montana and Alberta) the number one growth
>industry is German tourists (paying up to $25,000 per person) coming to
>as "savages" (living in teepees, dressing up in feathers and native dress,
>eating "savage foods", riding horses, hunting, taking peyote, doing sweats
>and participating in native dances and rituals). Almost every one of them
>(and this is a big fad in Germany) has been influenced by the writings of
>Karl May who wrote "Wild West" and "Primitive Red Savages" stories and was
>heavy influence on Hitler. (Hitler acknowledged May and noted that his
>stories about how effectively the "red savages" were dealt with by the U.S.
>government influenced his own policies and programs for dealing with the
>"Untermenschen" in captured territories.) The new tours of these Germans
>have replaced the pedophile and sex tours of Asia as number one on the
>"exotic tours" lists (no racist or ethnocentric attack against Germans in
>general is implied or intended here; it is just that it is a fact that
>people of German nationality are predominant among the new "tourists"
>seeking the "exotic", "primitive" and "savage" in Indian
>Country--particularly Blackfoot Country).
>Further there are groups like Helmut Heller's "Friends of Peoples Close to
>Nature" who openly use the term "savages" for Indigenous Peoples and who
>arrange tours on the one hand, while sewing ideological and racist
>with attempts to penetrate Indigenous listservs and lists with patronizing
>and feigned concerns and "support" of "Savages to remain in savage states"
>on the other hand, proliferate and introduce ultra-rightist covers into
>Indigenous debates and activities.
>Jim Craven

These groups exist as a plague- all over the place the (in)famous Tom
Metzger has been playing the green card in a neo-Kipling style way, claiming

"we" have to "clean up" the ecomess left by "these people" in the colonies.
But we must be careful to realise that once a Petty-bourgeois kid enters the

eco struggle, as happens often in BC here, that we do not expect an
immediate miracle. After they have been involved with "negotiatiating" with
Interfor (or any corp.), the class struggle becomes clearer- and
Native/environmentalist cooperation has become under attack through many
"divide and conquer" schemes around these parts for quite awhile- witness
the amount of publicity that Paul Watson's racist ravings have been given,
while shutting out "moderates" on either side. Normally, only "moderates"
get any press....


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Response Jim C:

I agree with all the points that have been made by various parties: 1) that
some of the "Green" and Indigenous struggles can indeed be progressive and
consciousness raising in terms of taking people to more radical
understandings, visions and levels of commitment vis-a-vis the system and
how, for whom, against whom, and with what real consequences on real people
it really works and doesn't work and that any ultimate solutions
(preservation and progressive use of the environment as well as preservation
of Indigenous Peoples and Cultures against genocidal forces) cannot be found
within the present capitalist system; 2) that some Green and Indigenous
groups are indeed reactionary and serving reactionary interests and that
some forms purportedly "Green" and "authentic Indigenous" groups and agenda
serve reactionary forms of consciousness--mysticism and superstition
etc--(be careful of that one, however, as what is commonly thought to be
"mysticism and superstition in the Indigenous World is based on real science
and scientific methods and awareness--can the Incan or Mayan temples be
duplicated even with today's engineering?) that serve only to divide,
isolate and distract attention/focus on true causes of and solutions to
various forms of despotism; 3)that some self defined/professed "Marxists"
live in dreamlands and legend-in-their-own-mind insulated niches,
demi-mondes and little sects/ivory towers of formula rhetoric, quotation
mongering, "classics" worshiping and ultra factionalism/sectarianism such
that they are isolated from, have no real understanding of and have no
relevance to any  real struggles of real peoples--Indigenous or otherwise--
facing real forms of oppression, and they offer nothing of substance in
terms of agenda or battle plans or even on the theory front--in fact some of
them serve the forces of reaction by acting like the very caricatures the
ultra-rightists love to use to slander the left; 4) That Indigenous
struggles that suggest a return to "Primitive" Communalism and the
possibility of its survival and/or progressive nature surrounded and
co-exiting with capitalism, or those who suggest Indian capitalism as the
key to Indigenous survival and prosperity are serving either intended
reactionary agenda or are easily used as dupes to serve reactionary agenda;
however, I would also argue, that to use the "sacreds" or supposed "sacreds"
of non-Indians and capitalists to show their inherent limitations, and to
show the hypocrisy and racism in their applications, as tactical and
consciousness raising weapons, is not to pay homage to or to promote,
capitalist relations/institutions and the "sacreds" (laws, institutions,
myths, traditions, etc) protecting them and that many Indians who do use the
bourgeois sacreds do so specifically to challenge and undermine them (there
are many Socialists or people with consciousness that easily leads to
Socialist consciousness in the Indian world and there would be more if some
of the formula "Marxists" were not so mechanical, arrogant, full of
themselves and very ignorant about and insulated from, some real issues and
real struggles of Indigenous Peoples.

Jim Craven

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