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> > Precisely what is the nature of dialectical materialism? I have seen
> > descriptions of it as a method, theory, doctrine and philosophy.

  It is the combination of the materialist conception of history with
Hegel's dialectics.

  Hegel's dialectics, as Sam has stated, is a process of logic through
a thesis and antithesis, when opposed will lead you to a synthesis.
Materialism is the premise that ideas are created from reality (real,
existing things). When dialectics and materialism are combined the
dialectical process is not only a logic process, but a logical
process wholly based upon reality.

  Reality dictates that nothing exists without an opposite. To
understand reality, when examing one thing, you must necessarily
examine its opposite to understand reality, to understand what is.
For example, one cannot understand life, without understanding death
as well -- when they are taken in relation to one another, you come
up with a synthesis: the so-called life cycle.

  For an excellent read on Dialectics, have a look at Marx's Poverty
of Philosophy, Chapter two:

  For materialism, have a look at Marx's the Preface to a Contribution
on Political Economy and Chapter one of the German Ideology.

  I am presently putting together a new collection of the Marx/Engels
Selected Works, the first volume to be on Historical Materialism. It
will be completed this month, and it will contain a variety of texts
primary to understanding Historical Materialism.


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