Text of Khrushchev's speech??

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>C. Wright Mills' The Marxists has the full text of the speech in English.

I don't think so, Andy.  I have the book here, and the text in it seems to
be an excerpt - although it doesn't say so.  It is taken from a book called
_The Anti-Stalin Campaign and International Communism_ (New York: Columbia
University, 1956).  Leaving aside the question of whether this is the CIA
version, this text differs from  some of the other excerpts that are on the

For example, there is an excerpt at
which, as far as I can tell, does not even overlap with the Mills/Columbia
excerpt.  None of the Fordham excerpt is in the Mills book, or vice versa.

There is an excerpt at
http://www.clas.ufl.edu/users/fcorney/doc-khrushchev.htm , but don't waste
your time with it, it's only a sub-excerpt of the Fordham excerpt.

Another excerpt is posted at
http://turnerlearning.com/cnn/coldwar/afterstalin/aftr_re9.html .  This is
in conjunction with a CNN broadcast on "The Cold War".  This overlaps in
part with the Fordham excerpt but not at all with the Columbia/Mills

Finally, another excerpt is posted at
http://werple.net.au/~deller/bs/1956nk.htm .  This is an anti-communist site
(not that the other sites are fundamentally any better!!).  This excerpt has
some of the text of ALL the other excerpts, including the Columbia/Mills
excerpt, but includes a lot of other material (and leaves out much of their
material).  By the way, the parts of the "werple" text which overlap the
Columbia/Mills excerpt seem to be word-for-word identical, which means that
it may have been taken from the same source.

But none of these is complete, and in any case I would still like to know
more about the CIA's role - if they fiddled with the text, then assuredly
their contributions are in the 1956 texts, including the Columbia/Mills


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