Text of Khrushchev's speech??

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Fri Aug 6 03:08:51 MDT 1999

>>  As far as "proving" that Stalinism is Marxist sufficiently, No.
>  The machine cannot function by opinons Macdonald. Simply saying
>Stalin shouldn't be among non-Marxists does nothing. Before we moved
>him many people wrote us telling us to move him out for long-winded
>reasons. We debated the issue for weeks, and decided that to execute
>members of the working class is necessarily to be an enemy of the
>working class; an enemy of the working class is not Marxist.
On that point, rather than "vindicate" Stalin- I will ask you to show me the
Communist leader of any revolution/communist who never executed a "worker"-
the definition is rather confining. I spend as little time as possible
engaging in Stalin/Trotsky debates, but if I don't make this my final
point/post I will indeed be in one. So, therefore I only state this: there
are many individuals who have done things that they speak in the name of the
working class to defend. Ex: Tito, Fidel, Mao, Lenin, Trotsky, Stalin,
Guevara, Nkrumah and Ho.. etc...,. You cannot say that none of these
individuals ever killed a worker; they all did. It will be part of the
brutal realities of state control; if you cannot handle the realities of
state power, become an anarchist. It isn't about whitewashing crimes or
exonerating or even evaluating leaders. It is about how pretentious it seems
for a group of individuals to decide what is Marxist and not. I could draw
such lines as well, and trust me, a hell of a lot further sectarian crap
would ensue. No judgement by the instructor!


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