Y2K, global warming, Christian rightwing fundamentalism, Marxist sectarianism

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Fri Aug 6 00:01:11 MDT 1999

<excerpt>It is A MISTAKE to put a plus where the bourgeoisie puts a
minus, or vice



 In other words, it is a mistake to be reactionary.

 "The biggest problem...", yes.

 Along the same lines there is a habit of labels. What joy it is to ask
a Marxist today about the media. The response? The media represents
bourgeois interests, is sunk deep into the bourgeois world, is made up
of petty-bourgeois and bourgeois.

 That's nice. But do you get the funny feeling that something is
missing? Perhaps, analysis, tactics, theory? Here we have labels. We
have dogmas.

 How do we <italic>fight</italic> the media? How do we oppose these
bourgeois fucks who show a window into their vicarious and depraved
lives of glamour and luxury? Why is it, how can it <italic>possibly
be</italic> that the working classes, the oppressed and exploited
people who see this garbage actually enjoy these people? What
alternatives are we offering? What do we need to be doing to combat
this bourgeois media?

 You say we need to present our own analysis. Yes, indeed we do. Let's
suppose some people do, and they put in on this list, as happens from
time to time. Then what? Analysis is for nothing without organisation,
analysis is heard by no one without a microphone to spread.

 There are already established thousands of lines of communication
throughout each nation, local leftist newspapers and magazines. How can
we bring them together? How can we organise them, how can we channel
analysis and tactics through these papers? How can we knock down the
walls that the left has divided itself with?

 If we can work on this, if we can see the groundwork to follow,
establish tactics in this area, we each can bring those papers in our
local area into a net we've built, then we will have ourselves a start
towards unity, and we will no longer need to talk about the need for
analysis, in unity we will create it.


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