Radio Story on Venezuela

Jonathan Flanders jon_flanders at
Fri Aug 6 17:31:12 MDT 1999

>> I am currently listening on our local community radio station WGDR in
Plainfield, Vermont to a rebroadcast of "Our Americas", a program on Latin
America and the Caribbean originating from WBAI in New York. <<

This kills me. I grew up a stone's throw from Plainfield, and believe me,
folks were not listening to shows originating from WBAI in the fifties and
sixties. Although I think the first anti-vietnam war text I picked up was
something by Howard Zinn, sold in a Plainfield coffee house in the
mid-sixties. Plainfield is home to Goddard College, historically a
counter-cultural hang-out.

WSKI in Montpelier was the community station when I was school age,
featuring a curmudgeonly announcer, Bob Bannon, who inveighed against
hippies and protesters. When I go back to visit now, it sure looks like
they took over, despite all his imprecations against them.

Jon Flanders

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