Stalin and the POWs

Yoshie Furuhashi furuhashi.1 at
Sat Aug 7 05:24:53 MDT 1999

Mark wrote:
>BTW, Stalin did not intern returning POWs for long periods, but they were
>screened, and properly so. Before Louis finds that 'terrible' he ought to
>explain what the Soviets should have done instead. Accepted American rule?
>More than 10 million former Soviet citizens have died prematurely under
>restored capitalism. That is more than any reasonable scholar, no matter
>how anti-stalin, claims as 'excess deaths' during the Soviet Thirties. It is
>time to look the truth in the face, however uncomfortable some people find

One may also ask: why was capitalism restored? Why did Eastern bloc
citizens find it so difficult to resist restoration? Why have Russians been
unable to generate a powerful grassroots movement to topple the weak
Yeltsin regime and rebuild socialism upon a new foundation? You'd rightly
point to imperialist encirclement, insertion into the world market, etc.
However, while I understand your desire to expose capitalist crocodile
tears and blithe application of double standards,  I think it would be
amiss to ignore the ill effects of repression executed in the name of
socialism upon *citizens' political capacity*. Isn't it that socialism
needs active, intelligent, & enthusiastice citizen-workers (unlike passive
consumers under capitalism) who love (not just passively accept) socialism
to safeguard its achievements and bring it to a higher level (especially
under the context of capitalist encirclement)?


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