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Michael Yates mikey+ at
Sat Aug 7 11:48:59 MDT 1999


I certainly have a lot to learn from you.  So I apologize for the last
sentence.  I would be curious, though, as to who on this list you have
learned anything about the former Soviet Union.

michael yates

M A Jones wrote:
> Michael Yates wrote:
> >>And so it was in the United Farm Workers Union, in which I witnessed the
> follies of the cult of Cesar Chavez, the result of which was the
> complete demise of the union.  Luckily Chavez did not have his "enemies"
> killed.  There are plenty of lessons to be learned from failures of the
> left everywhere in the world, failures never completely due to the
> perfidy of the capitalists and the gloomy nature of objective
> circumstances.  I would have hoped that most of us would have learned
> some of them by now.<<
> This isn't helpful. If you have nothing to contribute in the way of genuine
> scholarship, then better say nothing. Cheap put-downs are just that --
> cheap. This is the kind of remark, the only purpose of which is to poison
> the well of discourse, which tends to destroy serious debate. If you are
> sure you have nothing to learn from me, then I suggest you delete me unread
> and do something more productive with your time.
> Mark Jones

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