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                            Green Left Weekly,
                                 Issue #370
                               August 4, 1999
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Green Left Weekly provides news, information, opinion and debate from an
environmental and left perspective.

Featured this week:

STOP PETER REITH, UNION BASHER! The government is planning further
industrial relations amendments that will reduce protection of pay and
conditions, give individual contracts priority, increase restrictions on
industrial action and on union officials' access to workplaces, and target
well-organised workplaces for harassment.


* Unionism on the ropes? A brief history
* Stop Peter Reith, union basher


* Plutonium death ships heading for Japan


* Free market speech isn't free
* Chlorine can be a killer
* Workplace reforms unfair to women
* Chemical giants turn their eyes to biology
* Stolen generation test cases reopen


* Dhyta Caturani: `Nothing has changed' in Indonesia
* Indonesian peasants form people's councils
* The left after the ANC election victory
* Turkish workers resist austerity
* Rift widens in German Greens
* Black Panthers still caged
* Death warrant for Mumia Abu-Jamal?
* WWF sides with Shell and Enron
* Vote in East Timor delayed again
* Capitalism destroys the spirit of cricket
* National student league formed in Indonesia
* PRD leader Anom Astika released


* Michael Thompson's Labor without class: Labor with the wrong class
* Coloured Stone: Black pride pop
* Sirrocco: New forms, new truths
* Cop shows: Maggie wouldn't treat me like that
* Nasio: Keeping Marley's spirit alive
* Three other little pigs
* A struggle of heroism and valour


* Uranium and land rights
* NOWSA: feminists debate the way forward
* Union supporters to defy `second wave'
* Student left unites
* Labor trials new drug policies
* Who wins from work for the dole?
* International students face deportation
* Mexico students continue strike
* Positive directions for queer students


* Petition to free Mordechai Vanunu
* Defying the evidence on prisons
* Rallies oppose Badgerys Creek airport
* Disabled condemn government neglect
* Academics strike at UNSW
* East Timor protest in Blue Mountains
* `Perfect place' for a waste dump
* Indonesian trade union leaders to tour
* Academics warn of further action
* More backward steps on the unemployed
* Building workers rally for Workcover
* Workers strike over sackings
* AMWU makes good start on protecting workers' entitlements
* Forest Cycle
* Cuba night in Brisbane
* ACT government `bullies' bursars


* Editorial: End military ties with Jakarta, now!
* Loose cannons
* ... and ain't I a woman?: No sister of mine
* Looking out: Shared space #3
* Life of Riley: Let's hear it for fart jokes
* On the box
* Write on: letters to the editor
* Chris Kelly cartoon

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