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Subject: Request for Letters for PELTIER'S Health

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Subject: PELTIER'S Health Condition Deteriorating

Prison Officials Deny Current x-rays and Refuse Outside Opinion

Political Prisoner Leonard Peltier, who is suffering from a severe medical
condition which causes his jaw to be frozen open 13 millimeters, requested
current x-rays from prison authorities on May 25, 1999. The x-rays would
help Maxillofacial expert, Dr. Eugene Keller of the Mayo Clinic, to
determine what can be done to treat Peltier. Because prison authorities are
not allowing Peltier to be transferred to the Rochester Medical Facility for
federal prisoners, a facility where Dr. Keller could examine and if
warranted, treat Peltier, Pelitier's defense team decided to attempt
bringing Keller to Peltier instead. Keller is willing to examine Peltier at
Leavenworth Penitentiary where Peltier is currently imprisoned, however, he
must have current x-rays before making the trip.

Prison authorities have not x-rayed Peltier's jaw since 1996. Despite this,
prison authorities are not allowing Peltier to receive current x-rays. As of
now, the LPDC has received two different responses from two different
departments of the Bureau of Prisons regarding the request. The first
response is from Phillip S. Wise, Assistant Director of the Health Services
Division of the Bureau of Prisons (BOP) in Washington D.C. In this May 28,
1999 response letter to Senator Wellstone, Mr. Wise states that Dr. Keller
is not authorized to receive x-rays of Peltier because he is not contracted
with the Federal Bureau of Prisons. He goes on to say that, "there is no
clinical indication for a second opinion by Dr. Keller."

To the contrary, Warden Booker says in his June 8, 1999 direct response to
Peltier, "Please be advised that you are free to provide Dr. Keller with
copies of records which are contained in your Bureau of Prison's Medical
file." However, he completely neglects to address Peltier's request which
was for current x-rays. Amnesty International, France Libertes', Physicians
for Human Rights, several members of the European Parliament, and many more
human rights groups and concerned individuals have written to Warden Booker
in support of Peltier's request for current x-rays of his jaw.

Up until March of this year, prison authorities were willing to transfer
Peltier to the Springfield Medical Facility for a third surgery. Because
Peltier had already undergone two unsuccessful surgeries that worsened his
condition in 1996 at this same facility, he refused to go. Prison
authorities are now confident that Peltier's condition cannot be treated at
all. Interestingly, prison authorities made this conclusion without the use
of current x-rays.

Alarmingly, Phillip S. Wise of the Federal Bureau of Prisons also stated in
his response letter that Peltier is suffering from, "diabetes, a cardiac
condition, and hyperlipedemia." The prison has not yet begun blending
Peltier's food, and because he cannot bite or chew his food, he must eat
mostly soft, starchy foods making it difficult for him to control his diet.
This may be a contribution to these conditions which prison authorities say
he is suffering from. Leonard has had a stroke before and the above
conditions are life threatening making his condition even more urgent.

Please include the above mentioned serious health conditions when writing
and speaking to governmental officials about Leonard Peltier's plight.
Additionally, please continue to write and ask others to write Warden Booker
and the BOP in support of Leonard's request for x-rays. Attorney Eric Seitz
is taking steps to ensure that Leonard receives the treatment he needs, but
urges you to help. He also wants us to note that when speaking about
Leonard's medical, it is important we use only accurate information

In Solidarity,



Ms. Kathleen Hawk

Director, Bureau of Prisons

320 First St. NW

Washington, DC 20534

Fax: (202) 514-6878

Phone: (202)307-3198

Warden Booker

Leavenworth Federal Prison

Box 1000

Leavenworth, KS 66048


I am a concerned citizen and supporter of inmate, Leonard Peltier,
#89637-132. I am aware that Mr. Peltier is suffering from a jaw condition
which causes him great discomfort and difficulty in eating. I have been made
aware that Mr. Peltier has made a request for current radiographs and C-T
scans which will allow Dr. Keller of the Mayo Clinic to determine whether
his condition warrants treatment which Dr. Keller would be willing to give
Mr. Peltier upon determining he is the right doctor to do so. I understand
that these x-rays can be obtained in close vicinity to USPL which will cost
the prison and tax payers such as myself, very little.

I hope that these x-rays will be taken in an expeditious manner so that Mr.
Peltier's suffering can be alleviated. Thank you for your time. Sincerely,

Leonard Peltier Defense Committee

PO Box 583

Lawrence, KS 66044


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