revolution #10

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Tue Aug 3 18:08:42 MDT 1999

Below are the contents of the latest issue of the New Zealand-based, but
thoroughly internationalist, 'revolution' magazine, #10, August/September,


p2/contents & credits

Sharon Jones looks at the case of Peter Ellis whose latest appeal is
currently awaiting judgement.  Ellis is a childcare worker who has been in
prison for the last six years, following what has all the hallmarks of a
moral panic at the Christchurch Civic Creche over alleged child sexual abuse

p4/Editorial: 'Talkin' 'bout a revolution'

p5/Letters: on Maori sovereignty & racism in Britain, and GM food & the left

p6-7/'All Power to the Snoops?'
John Edmundson looks at the background to the new legislation promoted by
National and Labour which has increased the power of the Security
Intelligence Service to break into people's homes

p8-9/'Resisting market rents'
Peter de Waal of the State Housing Action Coalition on the SHAC-organised
tenants' partial rent strike and the police operation carried out to evict
SHAC activist Len Parker from his home

p10-12/'Labour pains'
John Edmundson reviews the last Labour government, and suggests Labour is
no party for workers

p13-15/'Nightmare on Downing Street'
>From London, Colin O'Brien reports that the Blair government has been
characterised by greater social regulation and more market economics

p16-17/'The First Casualty'
British 'Independent' journalist and author Philip Knightley looks at war
propaganda, past and present

p18-21/'Myths of World War 2'
The official propaganda is that WW2 was fought by the Allies in defence of
democracy and against fascism.  German Marxist Sabena Norten explains what
was really going on

p22-24/Restatement: 'Commodity fetishism and reification'
Restatement is a regular feature looking at core aspects of Marxist theory.
In this issue, Philip Ferguson reviews these two concepts which are crucial
for understanding the power of capitalist ideas

p25-27/'Feminists against science?'
British scientist Helene Guldberg argues that recent feminist critiques of
science do women no favours

p28/Ads for 'revolution', 'New Zealand and the New World (Dis)Order' and
the NZ theoretical journal 'Revolutionary Marxist'.  The latest RM has
papers on South Africa, and political economy & the left

p29-32/Living section:
Sharon Jones on Lucinda Williams and Emmylou Harris
Grant Pheloung on Bruce Springsteen
Gil Heke on 'What becomes of the broken-Hearted?', the follow-up to 'Once
Were Warriors'

p33-34/Review section:
Grant Cronin on Steven Webster's 'Patrons of Maori Culture' and Aidan
Campbell's 'Western Primitivism'

p35/Books on sale through the mag

p36/Backtalk: 'Ride my Lama?'
Linda Kearns on why Western elites love the Dalai Lama and why the rest of
us should have no truck with him

'revolution' is published by the Radical Media Collective at P.O. Box 513,
Christchurch, New Zealand, and is available at book and magazine shops
around the country, and by subscription.  It can also be reached by email
plf13 at

The next issue, #11, Oct/Nov, will be a special issue with a focus on NZ
politics as the country goes into a general election some time in November.

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