Paul Flewers on Dmitri Volkogonov's *Lenin: Life and Legacy*

Louis Proyect lnp3 at
Mon Aug 2 15:19:08 MDT 1999

>get government jobs (he was on Reagan's Security Council), what's he
>doing spending his time sparring with us?
>Paul F

Watson is a very curious troll, who I strongly suspect gets paid to post 35
times a day to the Trotsky newsgroup. He has the same basic politics as
Brad deLong, who posts to PEN-L, quoting from the same wretched library of
redbaiting material, including Rummel. The oddest thing about him is that
he very rarely gets ruffled by my flames, which indicates a certain eerie
kind of detachment considering all the things I've written. He was on this
list for about 3 days, but I threw him off after people kept sending me
private requests to dump him. About 4 months ago, I finally paid some
attention to him during the middle of one of his particularly obnoxious
interventions. He was defending the White Army as the saviors of the
Russian people. Since I know about the pogroms in the Ukraine in some
detail, I decided to answer him by referring to the excellent research
material in Chamberlain' s early 1930s history of the Soviet revolution,
which remains a classic, and newer material by Robert Service and W. Bruce
Lincoln, all of which demonstrated the murderous practices of the Whites.
He simply had no answer. The one thing that I must say about characters
like Watson, and DeLong who is an upscale version of Watson, is how
mediocre they are. Anticommunists really have very weak arguments--that is
why they rely on repression. Watson periodically threatens to notify
Columbia University that I am flaming him and defending Communism. Oddly
enough, the only time anybody contacted Columbia to complain about me
recently was when I accidentally posted a reply to LM to the NY Knicks
newsgroup. Boy, did I catch hell from the Columbia postmaster, who was
bombarded by complaints from all my fellow Knicks fans.

Louis Proyect

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