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Jose G. Perez jgperez at SPAMfreepcmail.com
Sun Aug 8 13:09:56 MDT 1999

Erik Toren wrote:

>>By "working with" I mean working with Democrats, though in some case
"progressive" democrats, in electing Democratic party candidates and/or
with organizations with strong ties to the Democratic party (here I am
excluding unions and/or certain specific "progressive" organizations).  I am
not fully aware of the CofC stand on the Democrat Party so I am not sure how
much is this an issue between Solidarity and CofC.<<

Erik, sorry for the delay in replying, and HOLD YOUR FIRE for a week or
so -- I'm out of town from tomorrow through the 18th.

Well, I work with Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians, even Peronists and
PRI-ites, but I sure wouldn't vote or urge working people to work on their
campaigns and so on. I'm perfectly happy to work "with" politicians on some
specific project, event, demonstration or cause, bur I'm not about to start
pimping for the likes of George the Son or Al the Wooden. As a practical
matter, we working folks stand no chance of outbidding the capitalists in
getting George or Al to stroke and service us.


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