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Michael Perelman michael at
Fri Aug 13 11:35:34 MDT 1999

Craven, Jim wrote:

> What exactly are "strictly" economic subjects? I know what the
> ultra-reductionist and linear neo-classicals mean by that, but I don't
> what "progressive" economists mean by that.

Good point, Jim.  I think that the word, strictly, might not be
appropriate.  I
was thinking of Louis's reviews of jazz or film as not being strictly
-- but yet valuable in their own right.  I did not mean that we should
not veer
from "strictly" economic, but rather put more energy into renewing our

Now, what does economic mean?  The majority of people on pen-l are
I would like to see us concentrate more of our energies on bringing our
expertise to bear on subjects where we can make a positive contribution
progressive causes.

I was thinking about the sort of questions that Audie Bock, the Green
Member of
the California Assembly asked.  I would like to make our work more
useful to
left/progressive organizations.  Jim, you of all people, working with
Blackfeet group, should be aware of how much a person with some training
economics can offer to help organizations accomplish their goals.

So, strictly may have been an ill chosen word, but I hope that you now
understand what I mean.

By the way, Audie Bock's office will be calling on us for more help.


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