Fwd: jhurd_dsa-doc: Fw: Dreams and reality in Kosovo

Yoshie Furuhashi furuhashi.1 at SPAMosu.edu
Mon Aug 9 02:06:30 MDT 1999

Macdonald Stainsby wrote:
>I wasn't aware that Rushdie had such horrible politics. people should hold
>their noses when they read this, if they did not know this already...
>> >> The Boston Globe
>> >> August 6, 1999
>> >>
>> >> Dreams and reality in Kosovo
>> >>
>> >> By Salman Rushdie
>> >> I supported the NATO operation in Kosovo, finding the human rights
>> >> evidence in favor of intervention to be powerful and convincing. Many
>> >> writers, intellectuals, artists, and left-leaning bien-pensants thought
>> >> otherwise. One of their arguments was, if Kosovo, then why not
>> >> Kurdistan?
>> >> Why not Rwanda or East Timor? Oddly, this kind of rhetoric actually
>> >> makes the opposite point to the one it thinks it's making. For if it
>> >> would have been right to intervene in these cases, and the West was
>> >> wrong
>> >> not to, then surely it was also right to defend the Kosovars, and the
>> >> West's previous failures only serve to emphasize that this time, at
>> >> least,
>> >> they - we - got it right.

Indeed the piece is awful, but Rushdie has a point here. I was also
uncomfortable with the above rhetoric of "if Kosovo, why not X," though for
a reason different from Rushdie's.


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