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Wed Aug 11 15:04:42 MDT 1999

>Mitchel Cohen
>Free Mumia Abu-Jamal, Leonard Peltier, Alejandrina Torres, Ray Luc

>Stop Genetic Engineering! Immediate Shutdown of All Nukes!

I proudly work for/call myself an evironmentalist. But I put class questions
first for the reason that we must defeat capitalism to save the planet. So,
these slogans at the end bother me.

"Immediate shutdown of all nukes" was used by Greenpeace as a means to
calling a boycott against France for their tests, while never doing the same
against the number one testers combined, the US. This "action" slid nicely
with the aims of Imperialism to maintain hegemony in nukes, which is not a
way to build a safer world. The current anti-DPRK drive also includes
"greens" who get angry at the DPRK for developing nukes, and I can't go
along with this nonsense. It is one thing to oppose nuclear tests and
weapons *in general*, and on principle. It is another to not allow a small
country under immense external pressure to defend itself. The DPRK will
eventually be attacked, most likely as a part of an Anti-China drive. The
question is when, and I hold no qualms about celebrating their legitiate
right to self-defense. Anything that makes it more difficult for the global
anti-earth, anti-human war machine called the US State Department from
seeing out it's hegemonic ambitions is a good thing.

ps- I will cross post this to "marxism list" at marxism at,
where there has been a great deal of discussion already on Makah and other
related green/indigenous struggles.

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