[PEN-L:9986] US Has been bombing Iraq all year

Yoshie Furuhashi furuhashi.1 at SPAMosu.edu
Fri Aug 13 09:56:45 MDT 1999

Frank Durgin posted:
>New York Times on Line
>August 13, 1999
>With Little Notice, U.S. Planes Have
>Been Striking Iraq All Year
>WASHINGTON -- It is the year's other war. While
>the nation's attention has focused on Kosovo,
>American warplanes have quietly, methodically and
>with virtually no public discussion been attacking Iraq.
>Over the past eight months, American and British pilots
>have fired more than 1,100 missiles against 359 targets.
>That is more than triple the targets attacked in four
>furious days of strikes in December that followed Iraq's
>expulsion of U.N. weapons inspectors, an assault that
>provoked an international outrage.
>By another measure, the pilots have flown some
>two-thirds as many missions as NATO pilots flew over
>Yugoslavia in 78 days of around-the-clock war there.

Given the simultaneity of the attacks against Iraq and Yugoslavia, it is a
shame that we couldn't generate a united opposition to both on the
grassroots activist level. (Lots of people who protested agaisnt the Gulf
War were uninvolved in protests against NATO.) If we had, the protests
would have been a lot bigger. Any thoughts on this?


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