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Tue Aug 10 06:46:37 MDT 1999

MacDonald,Internet writes:
>Jim, perhaps you can explain what it is about you that causes you to
>just "slam"? I'm sick of this. I saw, twice recently, that you observed
>Stalin handed over communists in Germany to Hitler (quite a feat from
>Moscow!). You always say "who were Jews" or something like this. You are
>attempting to pull a subliminal "victory" in your polemic: guilt by
My point in saying some were Jews or of Jewish origin was to take care of
the possible nonsense that they were Gestapo or Abwehr agents. The usual
reply by the Joe Stalin fan club is that they were German agents.
The Communists/Socialist were refugees in Russia. There were quite a lot
of them. A lot of Austrians also from the Dulfuss putsch.

I think it is an important historical issue, that has contemporary
validity. Internecine rivalry has caused Left wing groups to hate their
rivals more than the enemny.

In Ireland a whole political group driven by hatred of their rivals ended
up effectively as collaborators with Imperialism
Jim Monaghan

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