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Tue Aug 10 08:44:45 MDT 1999

    In St. Petersburg, Florida, recently I had the pleasure of observing a
cricket match and I was reminded of the previous discussin of the
relationship of class to the game.  In this case bothe the St. Pete and the
opposing Palm Beach teams were all, apparently, black Caribbeans who spoke a
dense kind of English that I could barely make out---my friends from
Trinidad, Guyana, and so on have generally been graduate students who were
coping with learning American black English, not users of island dialect.
There were a lot of t-shirts and ball caps advertising auto repair shops and
wrecker services and the like.  There was also a running dominos game on the
    A pleasant group of fellows it was, but a long way from Lords.

James N. Stewart
"Don't put no constrictions on the people.  Leave 'em da hell alone."
Jimmy Durante

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