Marx, Engels and Lenin and the party question (was Re:ToJuan (PS))

Charles Brown CharlesB at
Tue Aug 10 12:21:39 MDT 1999

>>> Louis Proyect <lnp3 at> 08/02/99 09:04AM >>>
>Carrol is surely right. I am intrigued by this whole Comintern discussion.
>It's another case of scapegoating, this time by blaming the
>USSR/Zinoviev/Bolshevism for the abject
>historical failures of our own 'revolutionary' movements, whose history has
>generally been characterised by cowardice, caprice and treason.

I disagree. The problem is not cowardice at all. You will simply not find
braver souls on the face of the earth than the men and women who devoted
their lives to building the Communist Party. In the great documentary
"Seeing Red", long-time CPer Bill Bailey talks about a demonstration on the
NYC docks when he was the first to hit the deck of a German freighter that
had the Nazi flag flying. He climbed up the mast and tore it down, while
vastly outnumbered by German sailors who punched and clubbed him.

Charles: Yes, I tend to agree with Lou. A main problem may have been more that the
CPUSA was naively honest and too trusting of the American bourgeoisie ( I guess it is
an error of subscribing to"American exceptionalism"), and didn't anticipate the
ruthlessness and "unfairness" of McCarthyism; and the opportunism and treachery of the
working class leaders and elements such as Walter Reuther. However, I am not sure what
could have been done to avoid these political annihilations.

Charles Brown


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