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Jonathan Flanders jon_flanders at
Wed Aug 11 21:40:11 MDT 1999

>> Perhaps "uncle Joe" will be the perennial crazy aunt
in the commie basement. <<

I don't think Stalin is the crazy aunt in the basement. Nostalgia for
"Uncle Joe" by some on this list reminds me of the same sort of nostalgia
for Jimmy Hoffa I have run across in the working class for the last twenty
years. That nostalgia even put JHoffa Jr. in the Teamster's president's
office recently.

But to me, it is foolish to think that today's workers, 3rd or 4th
generation proletarians, not peasants or small farmers just off the steppes
and prairies, would buy the "big man" leadership of a Stalin or a Hoffa. It
took a big bankroll and a lot of concessions to the opposition to get Jr
Hoffa in. And where did his main opposition come from? The UPS sector of
the union, representing workers who toil in  fast-moving overnight freight,
which is the future of the industry.

Media saavy, literate, edgy and cynical, today's young workers are going to
have to be convinced by both experience and argument, that something better
than capitalism is possible.

Right now they are listening to Chris Rock and Michael Moore. That should
tell you something.

Jon Flanders

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