1920s CCP class collaboration

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> Prior to the establishment of the Peoples Republic the CPC collaborated
> with the Kuomintang (which was a bloc of four classes) particularly
> between 1925 and 1927. This would be in opposition to Louis's policy of
> class independence.

And look where it got them! Consider the end of this CCP-Guomindang collaboration. Up
until the Spring of 1927, the CCP had piously followed Comintern orders to subordinate
its independence to the Guomindang, even going so far as to put the brakes on the
peasant movement sweeping southern China in late 1926-early 1927--so as not to cause
tension within the "bloc of four classes". But in spite of the CCP's
class-collaborationary consideration, in April 1927, Chiang Kai-shek, representing the
interests of certain less-comradely elements of the Guomindang bloc of four classes
(that is, the landlords and the urban big bourgeoisie) was still wary of the CCP's
mass organizations, and suddenly began a campaign of slaughter and repression that
decimated the CCP and drove the survivors out of the cities. In spite of Stalin's (and
the Comintern-following CCP's) claim that CCP head Chen Duxiu had failed to carry out
Stalin's orders to protect and advance the interests of the workers and !
peasants, it's clear that Stalin's orders called for these actions to be taken within
the framework of a united Guomindang--explicitly ordering that no action in the
interests of the workers or peasants should be undertaken if it offended the landlords
or bourgeoisie. An impossible task, a strategy that cost the lives of many thousands
of activists, and made for the effective end of the CCP's contact with the Chinese
working class.

Can you turn this bloody history into an argument in favor of class collaboration? Is
there someone out there who actually claims that the 1920's CCP-GMD collaboration was
a success?

Take a look at Harold Isaacs' "The Tragedy of the Chinese Revolution" or  "Leon
Trotsky on China" at

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