L-I: Chris Hani's legacy: Interview with ANC's Thenjiwe Mtintso

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Wed Aug 11 13:59:10 MDT 1999

>Via Workers World News Service
>Reprinted from the Aug. 12, 1999
>issue of Workers World newspaper
>Thenjiwe Mtintso Interview
>What Chris Hani contributed to the ANC's victory
>"For the wretched of the earth, the 90 percent of humanity
>living in capitalist society,
>socialism is the only answer, history has not ended . . .
>we will mold a new, just society."
>--Chris Hani, Pyongyang,
>Korea, April 16, 1992

A question for Greg B or Lou Pa. :
   I will start by saying that I have come to garner a strong respect for
the WWP, beginning with your excellent work on the anti-war movement. I do
however have a question on this. Mandela/Mbeki's regime is fully capable of
putting a democratic face on Imperialism. Perhaps an analogy that is
appropriate would be "People's Power" led by Aquino- It seems that the was a
safety valve on an explosive keg. All that was once progressive of the
ANC/SACP/COSATU is long gone- very little other than "investment" has been
orchestrated by this tandem in recent months. I, for the life of me, have no
idea why any group would still want to flog it. In fact, I would expect
precisely the opposite- yet you continue to call the ANC "one of ours" and
for the life of me, I don't know why. Give me something tangible, for most
of the African communists that I have spoken with usually agree when I slam
Mandela. The militancy of the left in S Africa was assinated with Chris


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