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Macdonald Stainsby mstainsby at
Mon Aug 9 01:42:34 MDT 1999

>And a generation or two after his death many French people revered
>Napoleon. Why a majority made his much more untalented nephew President
>and most did not object when he made himself emperor.
>Herzen felt that the Left of its time had to overcome its nostalgia for
>the Napoleonic cult. Marx lampooned all this in one of his classic
>A lot of the Russian nostalgia for Stalinism is a patriotic thing, on the
>lines of when Stalin was alive things were great Russia was a great power
>When I was talking to Hillel Ticktin he remarked about the mass town/city
>mobilisations of the wiorkers in Russia which in spite of their depth and
>effectiveness seemed to fizzle out. We both thought that the reason for
>this is the lack of an alternative to Yeltsin and his imitators. Until a
>party emerges like the Blosheviks that has mass support and offers a way
>out of the morass of the collapse of the USSR history will keep repeating
>I think of that scene in the Eisinstein (cannot remember spelling) where
>Kerensky and his rivals dream of emulating the feats of the Napoleonic
>counterrevolution making order out of chaos.
>Jim Monaghan
Agreed, in part. What I get from this is that is never simply enough to
simply try again, something new must be built. However, I do not believe,
and neither do you Jim, that socialism can be built on elections alone. It
will take some kind of revolutionary movement. Any movement for radical
change that is not socialist in the Soviet Union today will be reactionary-
be it clerical or fascist. It is my contention that to oppose nostalgia for
industrialisation, guaranteed jobs, rising living standards, victory in WWII
etc..., the era of Stalin, is to try and force our Western schema of
splicing, then further splicing the splices until we reach some utopian and
scientific "line practices onto the fSU. It will simply confuse the matter.
It will not be of help, but I certainly do not propose that workers in the
fSU simply "wait" for yevgeny to do it all for them. It won't work, we all
know it. To look to socialists and socialism for answers when miserable life
gives so many questions in such a short painful period of time is to breed
the first part of the next wave of changes. I salute those who are part of


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