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Paul Flewers paul.flewers at SPAMvirgin.net
Tue Aug 10 22:19:11 MDT 1999

Hello George

I've downloaded Karl's piece on Ireland, and it will go in with the
Notes section of the next NI, short pieces on topical subjects. As you
asked, I haven't changed it, minor sub-editing apart. If anything is
unclear in pieces, I always refer back to the author (so long as he or
she is still alive, you can't do this with historical reprints!).

New Interventions was started about 10 years ago by Ken Tarbuck. Ken
joined the Trotskyist movement in the 1940s as a young lad, but at least
from the 1970s was ready to subject Trotskyism as well as other Marxist
trends to a Marxist critique. He wanted it to be an open discussion
paper in which all matters could be discussed and all orthodoxies

Unfortunately, Ken died in 1995 of heart failure, so I took over the
production duties. We have an editorial board with people from various
backgrounds, former members of many Trotskyist groups (I was around the
Revolutionary Communist Party), former CPers, the British representative
of the Brandlerites (no kidding). We have no editor-in-chief let alone
any 'guru', nor do we have a party line.

I'd like to suggest to the NI EB that we run your piece on the Celtic
Tiger if that's OK with you.

If you like, I'll snail you a back issue of NI.

Best wishes

Paul F

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