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Tahir Wood asks

>I don't know anything about project echelon, but someone
>forwarded me the following message from the Bad Subjects
>list. Anyone like to comment on it?

Project Echolon is an international intelligence project which emerged from
an international agreement between the US, UK and Australia to spy on
certain embassies.  It has since expanded greatly and is an international
operation to intercept every email, fax, cellular phone call, land line,
satellite transmission etc. that occurs internationally.  Of course, there
are a huge number of email/fax/phone calls going out, more than any set of
organizations can go through, but through advanced computers (using programs
that go far beyond key word searching), the content of messages can at least
be imprefectly examined and earmarked, possibly for human examination,
storage, etc.   Operatives at New Zealand's echelon center came clean on the
operation about two years ago.  The EU is also raising a pretty public stink
about the US reading all the messages entering the EU.  For the most part,
the massive growth of the amount of communication far outpaces the
processing power of even the most advanced programs and computers, though.

> Domestic Surveillance and
>> Mind Control Technology?

[article snipped]

Most of this stuff is a paranoid delusion.  First, we will do what isn't:

Phones can be tapped without an actual "wire" and computers can also be
"tapped" by examining minute emissions from a monitor and recreating them.
It is difficult to do from *very* far away though, so keep an eye on your
neighbors, because the NSA certainly isn't watching you in this manner from
even a mile away.

The NSA does have enormous legal as well as technical powers to gather

NSA computing is the cutting edge, and are easily 15-25 years ahead of the

MK-Ultra, the 1950s era CIA mind control experiments, which consisted of
using LSD, post-hypnotic commands and a variety of other techniques, and
almost certainly still continues today under a variety of other names
including MKSEARCH, NKNAOMI, Artichoke, Often, Grill Flame and Pandora.
These experiments originally emerged from the attempt to create a perfect
"truth serum" to use against a variety of national and international
enemies.  LSD was also briefly considered a good "lie serum" to use in case
a CIA agent was captured by these wily enemies.   This was expanded to a
great extent, including setting up "safe houses" in SF, brothels where johns
would be slipped a variety of drugs and their behaviors watched (to see what
worked), and the testing of an aeresol delivery system in New York.
Hypnosis, as mentioned above, was also used, but only about 1 in 20 people
are really good hypnotic subjects.  Who knows if the NSA has anything to do
with it.

Supposedly, Dulles got the idea for this after reading the transcripts of
Moscow show trials.  He was impressed at what people would confess to and
thought that Stalin had scrubbed their brains but good.

Now, what isn't true:

One's own bioelectricity can't be measured or interpreted to create a
"video" of one's thoughts, nor can one's subvocalizations of "word" thoughts
be listened to or recorded on tape via these means.  To believe this would
be to commit a pretty basic brain-as-computer fallacy.

There are undoubtedly many fewer than 50,000 NSA agents, and most of them
just tend their coputers, rather than running around trying to read the
minds of homeless people.

EM technolgy can't be used to create specific thoughts in one's head for
remote brainwashing, but EM could potentially be used to create effects of
vertigo, dizzyness, sleep disturbance, and can effect concentration.  This
would have better applications for crowd control than for specific
"brainwashing" techniques, if a useable delivery system was developed.
Additionally, there is some minor evidence that seizures could be used to
create "religious experiences."  The experiences themselves wouldn't be
directed, but someone with a triggered seizure could potentially tend to
interpret it as some from of transcendent event.

Given the number of international blunders the US keeps making, the NSA's
information gathering techniques clearly aren't as all-encompassing as is
claimed.  The main gimmick the US intelligence community depends on is
really its reputation rather than actual practice.  One is reminded of
Romania, where there was widespread fear that nearly every phone in the
country was tapped.  After 1989, it was found that the country only had the
technology to tap a few dozen phones.  And of course, the fear was
ridiculous on its face; even if one-third of the population was being
watched, the other two-thirds of the population would have to spend every
waking hour doing the watching.


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