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Thu Aug 12 11:28:40 MDT 1999

An "Old Geezer" for whom I have the most profound respect and whom I would
love to sit down and talk with wrote me about the tone and language used in
some of my invective--that it interferred with the true content and thrust
of what I was trying to say. He was/is absolutely correct. I just lost it.

I forgot that also on this list, even though I may disagree with some of
what they say, we have academics, who, like Paul Sweezy, have all the
brains, talent and formal credentials to be at a Harvard or MIT but are at
institutions of "lesser" nominal stature because they refuse to join in the
orthodoxy; in doing so, they demonstrate their own kinds of courage. I
forgot, that those who disagree on the question of free speech for fascists,
or how to deal with fascist threats etc, have their own positions and they
genuinely feel that their position will result in more scope and force of
speech and action for the left than would setting precedents to be used
against the left; I disagree, but they genuinely feel that way and those who
take this opposite position are largely not the enemy.

Maybe I'm just burned out, I don't know. What I wrote I truly feel, but I
apologize for the language or any inference or implication that various
forms of struggle other than the forms and venues in which I am
participating are less than effective and necessary forms of struggle.

I haven't had a "vacation" since I came home from India to hold my father as
he took his last breath on this earth. Perhaps it's time.

BTW, Project Echelon surveillance includes the US and Canada as well as
international surveillance. One of the major listening posts in right here
in the State of Washington. The super Cray computers, programmed in over 120
languages, scan for key words (this one will be picked up for sure) and then
lift and record for analysis.

Jim Craven

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