Fwd: Stalin's Grandson Elected in Georgia

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Mon Aug 9 03:16:23 MDT 1999

MacDonald writess:
>Agreed, in part. What I get from this is that is never simply enough to
>simply try again, something new must be built. However, I do not believe,
>and neither do you Jim, that socialism can be built on elections alone.
Agreed. I would add that the danger lies in an extrapolation of this which
would deny democracy. Elections are only a part od democracy. A part they
let us have. Socialism is about extending it. The Russian Revolution had
mass support manifested in the elections to the Soviets. I think the
stress upon the Leninist party tends to blind some on the need to win the
masses. This leads tpo stuff that even Blanqui would be ashamed off. In
part it alos leads to the Shining Path tpe of stuff where all opponents
are enemnies of the people. Here I admit that some Trotskyist tendencies
are the same in their attitudes.

This elitist approach where the masses are spectators  leads to demonising
of not just political foes but to entire ethnic groups and the nonsense of
progressive and reactionary national groups.

Elections are a chance to reach the masses. It persuades us to change our
language if necessary. I agree with Louis P. point that many groups write
stuff that would need a degree level knowledge of German philosophy to
The Britsi SWP for all their faults write for the masses not for the
Jim Monaghan

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