Text of Khrushchev's speech??

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Mon Aug 9 15:50:57 MDT 1999

<excerpt><excerpt>From the standpoint of unity,

either way presents problems, and so the only solution is to find the

truth of the matter and to accomplish that.

</excerpt>I will repeat this again: You have a page that purports to be
"inforamtion" to be judged from. Yet, you already judge the


 Macdonald, you are being very stubborn. You have not answered my reply
to this question: how can information on a subject be gathered without
discrimination of whether or not that information fits into that

 On the 'you'. It is not my page, nor my judgement. I am a
<italic>part</italic> of marxists.org, and was a <italic>part</italic>
of the judging body.

<excerpt>I constantly work in coalitions involving Stalinists,
Trotskyists, etc. They get things done, have the same goals as set out
in the coalition and we don't talk about land reform in the twenties
when we try to stop the bombing of Iraq. There is no lack of thought
here, these are excellent comrades who simply don't think themselves
into a tizzy.


 Some perspective eh? Does marxists.org wage campagains to stop bombing
in Iraq? No, it does not. It is an information archive. See my question
above, on the discrimination of information.

<excerpt>By deleting Stalin


<excerpt>, your site promotes the idea that the discussion should be
closed, for

</excerpt>>"we" already have the answer-

<excerpt>Stalin really BAD!


 We have moved them, yes. We did so because we do not consider
Stalinism Marxist, yes.

"Deleting Stalin", we have not done in anyway whatever, not a single
tag has ever been altered for harm in his archive.

 "Discussion should be closed" you say when on the only page we make
any judgement of Stalinists we <italic>end</italic> that
<italic>same</italic> paragraph: "We provide their writings here for
reference and to enable readers to judge for themselves."

 Two distortions exposed, one to go.

 "Stalin is really bad"

 Where on <italic>any</italic> page of the site is this so-called
answer existing in any form? Where on <italic>any</italic> page has any
moral judgement been made of Stalin? Can you find one?

 I don't think so. You are manipulating the truth Macdonald. If you can
deal with the first question, we can get back on track.


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