Article on the Balkans war, part 2

Louis Proyect lnp3 at
Tue Aug 10 12:23:05 MDT 1999

>   Hi Louis   Would give me the address of the web site on which this
>interesting article  was placed. It is an interesting articel. I am glad
>you published it on this  list.   Warm regards
>George Pennefather

Just to repeat: The article should NOT be circulated beyond this list,
since it is scheduled to appear in a journal called "Socialism and
Democracy". I got a copy because I had a tiny role in researching it. Eric
Canepa, a comrade from the Brecht Forum in NYC, did the final editing. He
is one of the few New Yorkers on the left outside of the WWP milieu who,
like the article's authors, believes in the righteousness of the Serb cause
and rejects self-determination for Kosovo. He also was the one who
translated and circulated the German judicial documents which openly
admitted that the Kosovars had not undergone ethnic cleansing.

Louis Proyect


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