US Has been bombing Iraq all year

Xxxzx Xyyxyz musides at
Sat Aug 14 03:03:16 MDT 1999

>I also feel that being 'tough on Iraq' has become a touchstone in US
>politics, like being 'tough on the Soviets' during the Cold War. If
>you're standing for election, you can't chance calling for the
>rehabilitation of Iraq into the 'international community'. Do list
>members in the USA think that this is a correct assumption?

  I'm not in the US (but a citizen), but you are correct. A US
president (standing election or not) comming to terms with Sadam
Hussein is not possible; however through another member of his
government is a political possibility. The only substantial option
would be to befriend a revolutionary force that ousts Hussein. Though
the weeds are present, no fire has come to set them aflame. The US
enjoys its puppet-enemy for the time being.


(Ps. If anyone is interested, I can start posting the news reports of
bombings in Iraq. They don't come up often, but on occasion the BBC
notes a particularly bloody exchange.)

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