Culpability and Praise

Julio Fernández Baraibar julfb at
Sun Aug 8 23:34:20 MDT 1999

Engels wrote once that antisemitism is a kind of socialist for idiots.
Perhaps comunism for your friend is a kind of antisemitsm for idiots.
Julio F B

> I was once at a rally and met a creature who told me "I am a communist." I
> asked him why, and he said because "communists know how to take care of
> and I hate Jews." I recoiled, wanting to punch the piece of anti-Semitic
> shit out, but instead I talked with him further. It turned out he was
> mentally derranged and had no idea that, given his anti-Semitic hate and
> fantasies, which he laid at the door of his family having been
> after his father was 'fired by a Jew', those he had the most in common
> fascists, would probably kill him for even saying he was a "communist" and
> further were saying that communism was a "Jewish Conspiracy."

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