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I just hit on a scheme to turn the U.S. from being dominated primarily by
caucasians to being dominated by Indigenous Peoples. I sent a book to my
friend Mike Levine (I urge all to visit his website and download some of his
very penetrating stuff)who is doing research on the Inuit and the Thule
Society for a screenplay. In that book on the Inuit, from such an
authorative source as the Smithsonian Series on Indigenous Natins and Tribes
he recounts the following:

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Pretty weird stuff....In the book you gave me I read that the Inuits believe

that White men came from the interbreeding of Inuit women and sled dogs....I
like that one....

Well, if one accepts this theory of the origins of Whites, all whites would
be perhaps 50% Inuit (at least the official 25% blood-quantum necessary)
(50% sled-dog) and could immediately apply for "Official Certification" as
"True-U.S.-Government-Certified-Blue-Ribbon" Indigenous Peoples and we could
change the demographics of the U.S. overnight. What would happen to
"Affirmative-Action" then?

Everybody White or part-white, write for your BIA Cards immediately.

                            ;-) Jim C

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