Re(2): Stalin and the POWs

Macdonald Stainsby mstainsby at
Mon Aug 9 02:53:34 MDT 1999

>Perhaps you can explain the fates of the 3 Irish Communists and Socialists
>who died in the Gulag. Wre they part of an Irish Capitalist plot to
>convert Russia to catholicism.
>Jim Monaghan
Jim, perhaps you can explain what it is about you that causes you to always
just "slam"? I'm sick of this. I saw, twice recently, that you observed that
Stalin handed over communists in Germany to Hitler (quite a feat from
Moscow!). You always say "who were Jews" or something like this. You are
attempting to pull a subliminal "victory" in your polemic: guilt by
association. Of course, a lot of Reds in Germany "happened to be Jews"!
Repress the bejeebers out of someone, they turn to the polar opposite. I
know nothing of your reference point, Stalins guilt or innocence or cunning
or whatever in these cases, but try to not throw mud, okay? This is
childish, and reminds me of what I call the left's theism- religious
anti-Stalinism, divorced from rationality. Make it rational, and it stays
cordial. But I doubt whether you want people to "know" that you were cordial
with a "Stalinist", eh?

For the end of the twenties,

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