Korean Unity Rally

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Sat Aug 14 13:02:14 MDT 1999

Rally for great unity of entire nation held
    Pyongyang, August 13 (KCNA) -- A rally for the great unity of the
entire nation was held at the Kumsusan Memorial Palace Plaza this
    Present there were representatives of the north, south and from
overseas who will participate in the grand pan-national
pro-reunification festival, and working people of the city.
    Chairman of the c.c., the Korean Social Democratic Party (KSDP) Kim
Yong Dae said at the rally that the President Kim Il Sung 's tireless
efforts made for the cause of the national reunification in a half
century and his immortal achievements in this cause are shining
brilliantly in the history of the reunification movement of the Korean
nation and his lofty idea of national reunification is cherished deep in
our minds as the most valuable behest for reunification.
    Today the President's earnest behest for reunification is being
successfully carried out by the respected Marshal Kim Jong Il, he noted,
and said the nation-wide struggle for smashing outsiders' interference
and war moves and checking and frustrating the separatist moves of the
flunkeyist and traitorous forces should be vigorously waged to open the
decisive phase of national reunification.
    Ri Song U, South Korean representative of the "National Alliance for
Democracy and Reunification," said the separatist and war moves of the
yankees and the sinister repression by the flunkeyist and traitorous
regime of South Korea can never block the united struggle of the 70
million Koreans in the north, south of the country and overseas. He
called for invigorating the struggle for reunification under the
five-point policy of great national unity advanced by Marshal Kim Jong
Il so as to unconditionally carry out the behest of the President who
provided the three charters for national reunification.
    Vice-chairman of the overseas headquarters of the National Alliance
for the Country's Reunification (Pomminryon) Hwang Pyong Thae said: It
is the firm confidence and will of all of us that the tragedy of the
national division of over half a century should be ended in the era of
Kim Jong Il. We will surely achieve the national reunification and win
victory under his guidance.
    A resolution was adopted at the rally.
    It expressed the determination to uphold the three charters of
national reunification--the three principles of national reunification
of independence, peaceful reunification and great national unity, the
ten-point program of the great unity of the whole nation and the
proposal for founding the democratic confederal republic of Koryo--as
the only reunification program and vigorously wage the struggle for
accelerating the independent and peaceful reunification of the country
under their banner.
    It said that the '99 Grand Pro-Reunification Festival for
Independence and Great Unity of the Nation and the 10th pan-national
rally should be adorned as the most significant grand rally for
reunification and the grand nationwide march of reunification making a
new breach of the reunification in the 2000s.

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