US Has been bombing Iraq all year

Paul Flewers paul.flewers at
Fri Aug 13 22:10:12 MDT 1999

Yoshie Furuhashi cited New York Times on Line, 'With Little Notice, US
Planes Have Been Striking Iraq All Year'.

It is very significant that the US government and its Blairite fan-club
in London have been carrying on an undeclared war against Iraq for eight
years. The question is why.

I think that having promoted Saddam Hussein -- a run-of-the-mill
dictator, the sort of bloke whom Western governments create and support
-- as the New Hitler during the Gulf War, and mobilised a world campaign
against him, US governments can't rehabilitate him. And so, to keep the
Western alliance together and to maintain US hegemony, they have to
maintain a low-intensity war against Iraq to deter other states,
including France and Russia, from reopening links with Baghdad. There
are billions to be made in reconstruction contracts. Rehabilitating Iraq
will be harder than bringing back Serbia into the fold, as the former is
a military dictatorship, the latter has many bourgeois-democratic
features, including elections, so Milosevich can be fairly easily

I also feel that being 'tough on Iraq' has become a touchstone in US
politics, like being 'tough on the Soviets' during the Cold War. If
you're standing for election, you can't chance calling for the
rehabilitation of Iraq into the 'international community'. Do list
members in the USA think that this is a correct assumption?

Paul F

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