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Last night I was watching the History Channel "Hitler's Henchmen" about
Keitel. They were interviewing former soldiers on the Eastern Front and
German citizens all of whom came up with the usual "We didn't know". "We
heard rumors but..." And the bottom line was that for them, at least up to
the point when the bombs started coming back to Germany and the body bags
started flowing back home (like Vietnam) Germany wasn't that bad at all;
they weren't Jewish, or Homosexual, or Communists, or Trade Unionists, or
Socialists, or Gypsies, or Progressives; they didn't say or do anything
really radical.

So when I hear about all these bourgeois freedoms (and I enjoy many because
of my station and because I can "pass") and I hear about how far removed
from nazi Germany we are, and I hear about how unique America is and how "It
Can't Happen Here.", I have to say, "It" is happening here... Right Now.
depending on who you are.

Has anyone seen the estimates of Central and South American refugees who
were forcibly deported back to face--and be killed by--the death squads from
which they were refugees (while all sorts of anti-communist criminals, even
currently wanted war criminals, werre being welcomed)? What is the
difference between herding thousands of people into gas chambers versus
taking the gases and chemicals to areas occupied exclusively by the targeted
victims? Does anyone thisnk there is no relationship between full-blown
nazi-like (actually run by real wanted nazis) fascism in Chile, Bolivia
(Cocaine Coup of Barbie et al), Argentina, Indonesia etc etc and the
"wealth" and "prosperity" for a chosen white few (and some non-white
compradors) in America? Does it only matter if full-blown fascism is going
on within the territorial limits of the U.S.?

How many have been on an Indian Reservation on this list? Have you seen the
broken-down HUD homes with radon gas levels at 5 times the condemnable
levels with whole families living in them? Have you seen the Indian Health
Clinics grossly over-worked and under-staffed/equipped dealing with
illnesses that flow directly from conditions that are knowlingly created and
maintained to "solve the Indian problem" by getting rid of all Indians? Are
the conditions of misery among African-Americans, conditions we know can
only produce early and horrible deaths, really different in nature or effect
from the conditions that the nazis engineered to solve the "Jewish" or
"Gypsie" problems by eliminating the target groups as groups and all
individuals of those groups as members of those groups? How many have seen
Tribal elections rigged by the Feds to put in sell-out Indians guaranteed to
facilitate the wholesale elimination of "protected"Indian lands. cultures
and eventually individual Indians? Have you seen the documents leaked out of
BIA that resemble in exact tone and content, the minutes of the Wansee
Conference or the infamous Hossbach Memorandum laying out the "Final

I'm sorry, but maybe you just don't know or perhaps some don't care. Fascism
doesn't just drop out of the sky one day. The foundations of fascism, in
every single past and present case, legal, political, economic, social,
technological, cultural etc are progressively laid under various
covers--usually national security etc--and usually by
conservative/proto-fascist forces before the advent of full-blown fascism.

Do you really think that the types of scum who ran ITT, manufacturing Focke
Wulf fighters shooting down American and Allied Airman and then daring to
collect $27 million in reparations in 1967 for the allied bombing of
"German" Focke Wulf plants would hesitate one moment to put in any and all
aspects of nazi-like fascism if that were what was required to protect,
consolidate and expand monopoly capitalism in America? Would they prefer it?
Of course not--bourgeois democracy, with its "velvet glove" and alluring and
mind/soul-numbing diversions and illusions ("necessary illusions") and
illusory "freedoms" (freedom de jure means nothing in a system that
commodifies everything and in which your rights can only be "protected" by
expensive lawyers).

But for me, expecially after one of my little trips to Browning and
elsewhere, when I hear about how far America is from nazi Germany, it feels
like it would for a Jew in Germany hearing, "It's not really that bad, "It
couldn't be", "That couldn't happen", "This is a cultured nation" from a
quiet and very insulated non-Jewish German.

The instruments of genocide are often different and much more sophisticated;
but really, people are dying early and very horrible and very preventable
deaths all over this country and other countries on which their misery feeds
accumulation and "prosperity" in America.

"It" really is going on; and "it" really can happen here. Those who suggest
otherwise, from aninsulated or relatively pampered position, are playing the
role of some of the rich Jews in Germany, Hungary and elsewhere who led the
victims to slaughter with their ignorance, betrayal and illusions while the
nazis made sure they had exit visas for their families and protected ones.

That's my opinion and that's how I feel with less invective.

The real "savages" are all wearing suits and smiles of contentment or
detached and non-involved "I-feel-your-pain-but..." concern.

Jim Craven

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