Text of Khrushchev's speech??

Xxxzx Xyyxyz musides at SPAMadelaide.on.net
Tue Aug 10 18:26:39 MDT 1999

Hi Macdonald,

<excerpt> Where did Stalins ideas come from? How about that?


 This is good for a geneology, and it teaches a great deal. But I
wonder if it works. Can we define Marxism by the ideas from which it
came? Certainly not! Marx is in <italic>opposition</italic> to his
greatest heros, the ideas from which his theory came. He uses pieces,
but one cannot call him Hegelian or Liberal because of it.

 Do you have another way to answer the question, "How can information
on a subject be gathered without discrimination of whether or not that
information fits into that subject?"


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