Macdonald Stainsby mstainsby at
Thu Aug 12 16:38:09 MDT 1999

>Maybe I'm just burned out, I don't know.

Burned Out? You often bring new life. How dare you indulge in such
self-deprecation! If only we all had so many burn outs, the state would

>BTW, Project Echelon surveillance includes the US and Canada as well as
>international surveillance. One of the major listening posts in right here
>in the State of Washington. The super Cray computers, programmed in over
>languages, scan for key words (this one will be picked up for sure) and
>lift and record for analysis.
>Jim Craven
I have heard of these machines, but I never know what to make of it, trying
to avoid sounding like I have "one theory too many", but during the APEC
conference in Vancouver BC almost 2 years ago, there were those who
distinctly were sure there phone was tapped, and it seems the trick was much
the same: Keyword: Bomb, Apec, demo, arrest...etc.


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