Switching the Stalin debate to L-I

Louis Proyect lnp3 at SPAMpanix.com
Mon Aug 9 10:03:04 MDT 1999

Jon Flanders:
>And this Stalin-Trotsky argument that supposedly was banned from this list
>doesn't seem to be going anywhere either.

Yes, good point. I was making an exception, I suppose, because I have
enormous respect for Mark Jones. If somebody like David Welch had initiated
a series of articles on why Stalin was a great revolutionary, I would have
put the kibosh on it immediately. But we do have to wind this up, at least
on this list. I urge Mark to continue posting his informative pieces on
Leninist-International where he is a co-moderator and where I will put in
my two cents.

But it is a fact that I created this mailing-list to transcend the whole
Stalin-Trotsky debate. Right now I am at home working on an article that I
will post sometime today on Colombia, cocaine and the guerrillas. It really
is a diversion for me to go digging through dog-eared old copies of Isaac
Deutscher or Leon Trotsky.

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Louis Proyect

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