NACLA "coverage" on Colombia

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NACLA Report July/August 1999

>From "Indigenous Communities Caught in the Crossfire" by Mario Murillo, an
editorial board member:

Over the past year, FARC guerrillas and right-wing paramilitaries have
murdered, abducted, and threatened numerous members of the Embera Katío
community, a tribe of about 500 families living along rivers in northern


July 22, 1999

>From The Presbyterian Church of Colombia

A new massacre flows with blood in the Department of Cordoba. This time it
was in the village of Saiza, on June 15, where heavily armed men
assassinated eight people and wounded two people of indigenous origin and
ransacked local commercial establishments. The initial versions of the
story which passed through the urban zone of Tierra Alta held that the
bloody act was committed by the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia
(FARC), but when the injured arrived, this information was "defalsified"
and it was confirmed that the authors of the acts were members of United
Self Defense of Colombia (AUC).

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