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Mon Aug 16 23:29:18 MDT 1999

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Sartre although producing some interesting material was a cod. The entire
purpose of his actions were largely designed to increase his "ratings" by being
controversial. In this way he hoped to sustain interest in his publications etc
and thereby sales and consequently the maintenance of his high spending life
style. This is why he publicised his love affairs, if they ever happened, and
then supported individual terrorism. He anticipated the media hype that is now
the norm for media personality. He was very good at advertising himself. If your
read Adieux in which he talks about himself you will see how much trite he could
spew out and yet make money from it.
A lot of these guys have to be taken with a pinch of sea salt.
Warm regards
George Pennefather

George have you ever read Sartre's book on Genet? His work on the politics of
naming is genuinely original and of great and continuing relevance to struggles
such as those around gay liberation.

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