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>Ground control to Lou Paulsen:  Are we perhaps in different universes....

Actually I suspect we are in different parts of the same universe,
interpreting it in different ways...

> or
>does your uncritical adulation for "third world" nationalist politics....

I don't take that as an accurate portrayal of my own or my party's politics,
but go on....

>you totally to the fact that today's SACP is little more than a branch
>office of the ANC ..

All right, Russell, you are on the scene and I am not, so perhaps your
analysis of South Africa is better than mine, but on the other hand I have
heard of the SACP and COSATU and I haven't heard of you, so perhaps their
analysis is better than yours :-)  In any case, instead of just saying that
I am a political idiot and leaving it at that, perhaps you can back up your
'fact' with some supporting evidence and analysis and elaborate on it, so
that those of us who are outside of South Africa and have to rely on the
Internet for our understanding can learn something?  In particular, do you
mean that:

(a) The SACP is under the political control of the current ANC/government
leadership?  And that all its criticisms of GEAR, support for the strikes,
etc., are sham?  And so were Mbeki's criticism of the CP's criticisms last
year, and the ANC's criticisms of all its left critics within and outside
the ANC in the last three weeks?  By the way, do you also believe COSATU to
be a 'branch office of the ANC'?


(b) The SACP is not under the political control of the Mbeki wing, and
genuinely opposes GEAR etc. 'in their hearts', but it ought not (in your
opinion) to have supported the ANC in the elections, and should have done -
what?  Broken with the Alliance?  Run opposition candidates?  Called for the
insurrection? What ought they to have done, and what would have been the
effect of it?
Perhaps you can say a little more about your own/your organization's (if
there is one) general outlook, to provide a theoretical and practical
context for your recommendations.

L. Paulsen
member, Workers World Party, Chicago

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