Philip L Ferguson PLF13 at SPAMstudent.canterbury.ac.nz
Wed Aug 18 18:05:37 MDT 1999

>This is an ignorant comment. The peasants did not "arm themselves". They
>were organized into militias by the Fujimori government in an open bid to
>recreate the pacification hamlet politico-military structures of the
>Vietnam war. I suspect that everything Phil knows about the PCP comes from
>a combination of the bourgeois press and Trotskyist misinterpretation. As
>far as the Pol Pot charge is concerned, let me repeat what I posted here
>the other day as part of a longer article:
>David Scott Palmer, one of the most outspoken "Senderologists" . . . says,
>"The insurgency has rarely engaged in indiscriminate violence and should
>not be compared with Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge in this regard."
>Louis Proyect

Lou, I was quoting someone who had just posted on the list, after a visit
to Peru; it was him who used the term "the peasants armed themselves".  I
then made a comment on it.  As far as I know the person is neither a
bourgeois propagandist nor a Trotskyist misinterpreter, but a serious list

What I know about the PCP comes from such people, along with Peruvian
leftists, including members of groups who have been slandered, threatened
and in some cases killed by the PCP.  Take a look, for instance, at the PCP
diatribes against the MRTA (not to mention their attitude to people like
Hugo Blanco) and then ask if you yourself would really like to be a
Peruvian worker, peasant and/or leftist with the Guzmanites in power in

I also met a PCPer about two years ago and had a discussion with him about
the politics of the organisation and their attitude to others on the left.
They are unreconstructed Stalinists who believe everyone else on the
Peruvian left is a counter-revolutionary who should be dealt to when the
opportunity presents itself.

While we should definitely defend PCPers from being tortured and so on by
the Fujimori regime, which is more than they would do for us, this is also
a group over whose disintegration we should shed no tears.


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