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Green Left Weekly,
 Issue #372
August 18, 1999

Green Left Weekly provides news, information, opinion and debate from an
environmental and left perspective.

Featured this week:

THE PEOPLE MUST ELECT THE PRESIDENT Those on both sides of the official
republican debate agree on one thing: in the November 6 referendum, voters
shouldn't have a chance to vote for what they favour, direct election of
the president. We suggest a method by which we can make known our demand
for greater democracy.


 * Republic yes, but not a `safe and conservative' one
 * Rejecting a phony choice
 * Putting the mates back in the preamble


 * Kosova: towards partition?
 * A night with Falintil
 * Indonesian activist undaunted by attack
 * Megawati, Habibie and political alternatives
 * Indonesian oil workers win strike
 * Indonesian army stokes violence in Aceh
 * Timor: `We need to mobilise people's power'
 * Canadian nurses lead the way
 * Climate change impacts on Arctic
 * Y2K nuclear warning
 * Anarchists attack Czech left
 * India:`We may drown, but we will not move'
 * Pakistanis protest on Hiroshima Day
 * Kargil (Kashmir) war: a post-mortem


 * Violence jeopardises ballot in East Timor
 * East Timor: Will the ballot stop the bloodshed?
 * ASIET clubs set up on campus
 * Left unity falters in Hobart
 * Tom and Nicole nude: big deal
 * Brighton High film screening
 * Cunt or vagina?
 * High school students: a radical history


 * Organising the working class
 * Wrecking the oceans
 * Immigration: for an open-door policy
 * Botanical congress predicts disaster


 * Workers rally against Reith's `second wave'
 * News briefs
 * Indonesian unionists' tour off to good start
 * Big rallies against Badgerys Creek airport
 * 10 reasons to stop Badgerys Creek airport
 * Rally for abortion rights
 * ACT forced to negotiate with bursars
 * Anti-choice campaigner tours
 * ACT teachers mobilise
 * Action updates
 * NSW TAFE faces the axe
 * Coalminers strike for workers' entitlements
 * Opposition grows to M5 `death stack'
 * Dorf and Beauty Ware picketers defiant
 * Pangea campaign begins
 * Firefighters suspend action
 * Nurses refuse to close ward
 * CPSU tax section council debates `second wave'
 * Solidarity in northern NSW
 * Aborigines call for preamble to include their sovereignty


 * The pain of crossed paths
 * Working-class love -- Loach style
 * Garvarghy Road: A community's heroic resistance
 * Skin-deep beauty
 * Leninism and the history of the left
 * On the box


 * Life of Riley: The very latest draft
 * and ain't I a woman: Gender roles for sale
 * Loose cannons
 * Looking out: Sex and education
 * Write on: Letters to the editor
 * Chris Kelly cartoon


 * Adelaide
 * Brisbane & S-E Queensland
 * Canberra
 * Darwin
 * Lismore & NSW North Coast
 * Melbourne
 * Newcastle
 * Perth & Fremantle
 * Rockhampton
 * Sydney
 * Tasmania
 * Sydney West & Blue Mountains
 * Wollongong & NSW South Coast

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