Soviet statistics

Andrew Wayne Austin aaustin at
Thu Aug 19 11:11:13 MDT 1999

On Thu, 19 Aug 1999, Louis Proyect wrote:

>(Over on PEN-L where I referred to John Lloyd's articles about Soviet
>economic collapse, economist Gil Skillman raised the possibility that the
>Soviet statistics had been inflated, so the collapse was not as precipitous
>as claimed. This was an interesting reply.)

Moreover, judged by the statistics compiled by capitalist orgs such as the
World Bank and the IMF, the socialist world-economy was a major success.
Between the period 1960-1980 the socialist system matched all middle range
capitalist countries and surpassed all capitalist countries in the lower
third on all key measures, especially quality of life. This is to say that
there were no socialist countries in the bottom third of countries
globally. This is especially remarkable given where these socialist
countries started out. The bottom line is that the state socialist model
is the most successful development model of the 20th century.


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