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Fri Aug 20 06:23:45 MDT 1999

Dear people,

The new website,, is up and running.  It features
well-thought out and sharply argued criticism of US foreign policy and its
media apologists.

If you're on AOL just <A HREF="">Click here:
The Emperors Clothes</A>

If you're not on aol, go to

* LETTER FROM GRACKO SURVIVORS - the Kosovo village where terrorists murderd
14 Serbian farmers in the fields.  Our pointed introduction decimates NATO's
"we're-too-helpless-to-stop-it" rationale.  See: "Gracko Survivors' Letter
Blames NATO" (Top of the home page)

* GREG ELICH INTERVIEW. Just back from investigative tour of Yugoslavia.  He
explains how NATO/media lied about that railroad train NATO hit with
missiles.  It was NOT in fact a railroad bridge and therefore it could not
have been an accident.  Is he wrong?  And Greg brought back a very  different
take on the strength of the Yugoslav opposition.  See "Bombed because we
refuse to be slaves." Top of the home page.

* Diana Johnstone's brilliant critique of NATO's rationale for intervention
(which makes it rather dangerous to be the object of NATO's protection.)  Go
to home page
(  if you're on AOL <A HREF="">Click here:
The Emperors Clothes</A> and scroll down to "NATO's Humanitarian Trigger" or
'just' go to

* By the way, has 9 articles by Diana Johnstone.  (Go to
Articles by Author).  They are all worth reading, twice.

Best regards,

Louis Proyect


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